LaserJetMark™ On-the-fly Laser Marker and Laser Coder

Trusted brands have relied on Control Laser to deliver the best high-precision, high production laser coding and laser marking packaging solutions. The LaserJetMark™ systems are our flagship product for assembly line laser marking and laser coding for product traceability and regulation marking. On-the-fly refers to the ability to laser code a product while it is moving, thus offering a high production, high precision laser coding solution, the Control Laser advantage.


In every car driven, in every airplane flown, in every train on the tracks, at least one Control Laser laser has been part of the process in the building of that product. We offer our combined 300-years of experience in this to assist you with your on-the-fly packaging laser coding and laser marking process.


LaserJetMark™ On-the-fly Laser Marker and Laser Coder

On-the-fly laser markers and laser coders add permanent marks and codes to products while they are moving on a conveyor or packaging line. The LaserJetMark™ on-the-fly laser coding technology allows the product to continue moving along the conveyor without stopping the packing line. Since stop-and-go products mean slower packaging rates, the LaserJetMark™ offers an advantage in that the products keep moving on the conveyor as they are marked.


The LaserJetMark™ technology also allows for automatically adjusting for production speeds without user intervention. Dynamically coding products while the product speeds up or slows down is handled so that the mark remains consistent

Key Features

Key Features - LaserJetMark™
  • True On-the-fly technology: product package moves while being laser coded
  • Up to 1970ft/min (600m/min) Product line speed*
  • Up to 2000 characters per second*
  • Unlimited number of lines of text
  • 0.3mm and up, Character height
  • Easy to use Touch screen, or Computer Screen**
  • Multiple wavelengths available: CO2, Green, UV, Fiber laser wavelengths
  • Laser code virtually any material
  • User-friendly, Multilingual, JetMark™ On-the-fly Laser Software

*   depending on substrate and code to be lased

** depending on model selected

HDPE Direct High Contrast Permanent Laser Coding and Laser Marking

We’re pioneers of using UV lasers in on-the-fly applications. Our LaserJetMark™ UV line of laser coders and laser markers can easily and quickly mark or code HDPE plastics in on-the-fly applications. HDPE is a plastic type approved by the FDA for use of medicine packaging. HDPE is also widely used in cosmetic products in the form of plastic bottles with a matte-finish. Our UV laser puts a high contrast mark onto HDPE with exceptional quality and speed. We are the leading on-the-fly laser company for direct HDPE laser coding

Key Features - LaserJetMark™

LaserJetMark™ Laser Coding and Laser Marking Integration, Industrial Automation LaserJetMark™ Traceability and Verification Laser Marking and Laser Coding LaserJetMark™ Industrial Strength Laser Sources, Multiple Laser Wavelengths Available Low Maintenance Costs, More Up-time, than Ink-based Coders