Gaotec Solutions Pte. Ltd. (GSPL) established in 2015.


We are a distributor and an engineering service team dedicated to continuously improving the development and delivery of unmatched solutions to our customers, committed to innovation and technology development.


Being an integrated solution provider servicing the Semiconductor, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Tactical industries. GSPL offers product and service with industry accredited systems or custom developed systems.


Our product platforms are chemical, laser and plasma based.


Supporting today’s and tomorrow’s requirements in Microelectronics Bonding Process Quality Assurance, Semiconductor Device Failure Analysis ,FDA, GS1, HIBCC Compliant UDI Medical Laser Marking, ATF & NFA Compliance Laser Marking, Plasma Surface Treatment, Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Deposition and Plasma Etching with an accumulative total of over 50 years of in-depth expertise and excellence.


Working together with our industry leading principal partners Control Laser Corporations, Sairem and Try Precisions, with their in-depth expertise enable Gaotec Solutions to deliver unmatched innovations.



At GSPL, our engineers will listen to you, understand your specification, recognize your concerns and build a solution.

Our mission is to assist industry sectors become more efficient and profitable through the introduction of our new process applications.