Microwave Drying System

Microwave drying is a dielectric heating process. The properties of microwaves make them very well suited to dry materials in a fast and elegant way.. Microwave energy is converted into heat energy as the polar structure of the molecules, atoms and ions.

Without intermediary heating source, the process has no inertia. The heat is generated within the material itself without thermal dissipation.


  • Selective drying from the core of the product without degrading of the delicate materials such as vegetable matters, medicines and medical products.
  • Ability to remove free and linked water molecules in a controlled environment.
  • Reliable control of drying process temperature and pressure either in atmospheric or vacuum environment.
  • Reduce process drying time by 80%
  • Reduce traditional heat drying process electrical cost by 80%
  • Reduce CO₂ emission by 80%


Excellent drying application for pharmaceutical products, vegetal products, powders, ceramics, polymer, wood treatment etc.


Products warms up but not its environment.