We develop laser marking, engraving, and welding solutions to the commercial sector. Our basic barebone laser systems to complex automated solutions to integrate into your existing production line. CLC research and development team, along with dedicated laser specialists, create new ways to utilize the power of the light spectrum to accomplish new techniques in commercial manufacturing platforms..


The materials used in the commercial industry include: metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, PC boards, rubber and more. Appliances, fixtures, and commercial tools are some of the products our lasers are applied to. The commercial industry relies on the precision and speed of lasers to create, track, and brand their products.


Our plasma range of microwave and radio-frequency assisted drying equipment. This equipment associates microwave power with hot air, steam or vacuum, for excellent drying performance in diverse applications such as drying of pharmaceutical products, vegetal products, powders, ceramics, polymers and wood treatment etc..

AppliancesBath & kitchen FixturesBicyclesBladesPCB’sPharmaceutical products
Garden ToolsCookware & CutleryFlash LightsGolf BallsBottlesPowders
Hand ToolsStereosToysJewelry’sWiresCeramic
Glass FramesWriting PensID CardsEggsPower ToolsPolymers
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