Acid Decapsulator Gasket

All decapsulation systems use many different types of gaskets during the operation of the etching process. This gaskets can be used to align the sample to the etch head, being named as "LOCATION GASKETS", others used as the mask for the etch cavity called as the "DEFINATION GASKETS", and there is a combination gaskets that do both "LOCATING AND DEFINING" are named as the "MONOLITHIC GASKETS".


This high temperature and chemical or acid resistance VITON gaskets are suitable to all the acid decapsulation tools available such as the Leftcoast Instrument's "ELITE ETCH" series, NISENE's JET ETCH series, NSC's "PS 103S, PS 105" or the RKD's ELITE ETCH 7000 series.


We manufacture this standard or the monolithic gasket as per your specification.

Acid Decap Gaskets
Standard Gaskets
Acid Decap Gaskets
Monolithic Gaskets

Monolithic Gasket Template

Acid Decap Gaskets

L: Location Cavity
This is the pocket that locates the sample within the gasket while processing ( two dimensions : X and Y)


D: Definition Aperture
This is the hole that defines the etch area on the sample.
(two dimensions required: X and Y)


Z: Depth/Height
The depth is the measurement from the top of the gasket to the bottom of the location cavity. (one dimension required)