Tactical ArmsMark™ Laser Engraving Machines & Marking Systems

The Tactical ArmsMark™ laser engraving machines and marking systems are capable of both deep engraving per ATF/NFA regulations, as well as light laser marking on the blade steel of knives. With a full range of laser sources available, we can engrave or mark on nearly every material, including blade steel, wood, leather, titanium, copper, brass, gold, silver, platinum, plastics, anodized metals, and more.

  • Multiple Class I/II or Class IV Laser Workstations to choose from
  • Accommodates our Industrial Strength laser sources
  • New! Our Mark-and-Move™ high-speed, high-production galvo system option
  • Can be easily integrated into industrial automation lines and with industrial robots
  • ATF/NFA Regulation laser engraving
  • Gun and Knife personalization
  • New! Lase-and-View™ monitoring system
  • Lase on nearly any material, any size
  • Custom Workstations and Options available
  • Laser Marking Studio™ (LMS) Software, the most powerful and user-friendly laser control software in the industry

We have a Tactical ArmsMark™ workstation for every type of tactical gear to meet your needs.